Sailor escaped 14 hours in the Pacific Ocean after falling from a cargo ship Currently

A sailor who fell off a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean was rescued after fourteen hours of flight in an almost hopeless situation. The man clung to a drifting lifebuoy until his ship spotted him again.

The silver supporter was carrying cargo from the port city of Tauranga, New Zealand and one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands, Pitcairn. The accident took place, according to BBC News Place about 440 nautical miles south of the French Polynesia archipelago.

The 52-year-old, chief engineer Vidam Pervertilov, left the engine room after a shift because he felt “warm and foggy.” It happened the night of February 15-16 at 4 in the morning. As the man wanted to catch his breath, he fell into the sea in the dark, Pervertilov told the New Zealand media. Things.

Partly for this reason, Pervertilov’s colleagues did not notice that he was missing. Just six hours later, the alarm was triggered aboard the ship, as the chief engineer missed the vote. The ship then returned to the ship’s last known location while Pervertilov was still on board. He also asked for help from ships in the area.

The sailor was not wearing a life jacket

The Lithuanian, who did not wear a life jacket, said he remained above the water with great difficulty until sunrise. Then he had detected trash in the sea “a few kilometers”, in the form of a “black dot”. The man concluded that if he held on, he would more easily stay above the water. Trash turned into a floating life buoy.

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“The decision to swim there saved my life,” Pervertilov said. His son Marat talks with Things His father looked twenty years older when he was found due to exhaustion.

Perevertilov may have been floating in unconscious for some time. According to his son, the man does not remember the moment he fell into the sea.

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