Sam Bennett won the 4th round UAE tour, Decker was second

The fourth phase of the UAE tour had a sluggish and predictable start, the announced Sprint daily. After we saw the riders chatting for a long time, there was tension only in the last kilometer. Several trains were developed, which allowed the designer-quick step to push his sprinter Sam Bennett well. David Decker found himself slightly locked in the final kilometer. However, he went fast and soon got the right wheel for Sam Bennett. Meanwhile, Cheese Pol and Pascal Ackermann started the sprint first.

By the time Decker wanted to capture the Irish, the latter had become a week past Ackermann. Decker had to retreat, only second behind Caleb Ivan. All in all, our fellow countryman rode at breakneck speed. Decker gets a green jersey of the sprint assortment around his shoulders.

Nothing happened with the classification riders. Tadej Bokakar is 43 seconds ahead of Adam Yates.

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