Samsung is also offering free streaming to other TVs.

Samsung may also offer Samsung TV Plus free streaming on TVs from other manufacturers. The company is currently in long-distance talks with TV maker TCL. Samsung TV Plus includes popular movie and series channels like The Walking Dead and Top Gear.

Samsung Plus TV

Anyone with a Samsung Smart TV has probably noticed the Samsung TV app. It is a completely free streaming service and Samsung’s entire revenue model consists of ads. according to Newsletter by journalist Janko Roettger Samsung plans to launch its streaming service on competing TVs. TCL is already in talks for this, but Samsung has ambitions to make Samsung TV Plus more widely available.

Samsung TV Plus supports 1,600 channels and is available in 24 countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium. The service can offer popular series like Top Gear, The Walking Dead, Law & Order and TV celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s shows. There is also a movie show, including the Paramount Movie Channel.

According to Samsung, the number of viewers on its streaming service has doubled in the past year and 3 billion hours of Samsung TV Plus have been watched worldwide. What started as an additional asset to sell more smart TVs is now growing into a new revenue model for the company. Samsung currently generates €3.7 billion in sales through its advertising model in the US alone, and that figure should grow to €8.3 billion by 2026, according to Samsung. Sammobile.

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It is not known when we will also see the streaming service on other TVs. It is not clear if Samsung TV Plus will appear on the Google Play Store on Android TV and Google TV. This would be a way to make the service accessible to a larger group of users in one fell swoop. Although it appears that Samsung is currently only negotiating with select TV manufacturers.

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