Samsung is returning to Wear OS for Galaxy smartwatches

Samsung launched the last Android smartwatch with the Galaxy Gear in late 2013. Since then, the South Korean superpower has switched to OS Tizen, which the manufacturer largely developed itself. However, Samsung wants to return to Android – there are rumors about Samsung’s Wear OS watch.

Samsung-smartwatch op Wear OS

All current Samsung smartwatches run on Samsung’s Tizen OS, with the manufacturer also developing its own Galaxy Store ecosystem for apps that run on watches such as Galaxy Watch 3 at Galaxy Watch Active 2 To turn around. The OS has been improved in recent years according to the desires of Samsung customers: so it would be strange if Samsung left the OS.

However, that’s what both Ice Universe and GalaxyClub claim. In a late tweet Snow World Know that the “new Samsung watch” will exchange Tizen for Android – with the rumor-maker most likely referring to Wear OS. Galaxy Club She says she knows about two watches developed by Samsung, both of which run on Wear OS; It relates to watches with model number SM-R86X and SM-R87X. For comparison, the 41mm version of the Galaxy Watch 3 is available with the model number SM-R850.

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At the same time, very little evidence has been provided for the transition from Tizen to Wear OS; Similar rumors also spread in 2018, when it was also believed that Samsung was developing a Wear OS smartwatch. Additionally, the move to Wear OS for Samsung might also mean that it must say goodbye to Bixby – the voice assistant currently integrated into Tizen. Finally, there will be (possibly) less room for Samsung to master the OS.

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Interface of Aangepaste Wear OS

However, that shouldn’t cause any problems, as OPPO showed last year with its Wear OS smartwatch. Unlike watches from Fossil, for example, OPPO has a feature Van Wear OS interface It has been heavily modified. Among other things, it brings custom quick settings and a vertical app drawer to the OS. Samsung might be able to make similar adjustments to give the OS the look of One UI.

Wear OS also has other Samsung benefits as well. Unlike the limited range of apps on Tizen, Samsung can delight its users with Wear OS with its wide range of apps. Additionally, the arrival of Samsung smartwatches to Wear OS could ensure the growth of the range of apps on Google’s OS. That way, both parties will benefit from moving from Tizen to Wear OS.

Consequences of current Galaxy watches

Meanwhile, there are still many questions about the introduction of Wear OS on Samsung watches. For example, the switch will require Samsung to use a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear chipset, while the company has always used Exynos chips in its smartwatches. In addition, it is not known what the possible consequences will be if Samsung decides to switch the smartwatch branch to Wear OS: will the existing Galaxy watches be updated, and will you then have Wear OS? Or will Samsung still update Tizen for the time being?

Samsung is returning to Wear OS for Galaxy smartwatches

Many questions whose answers remain unknown at this time. The Galaxy Club said Samsung wants to launch its Wear OS watches “later this year”. Thinking of a Wear OS Galaxy smartwatch, or do you prefer Samsung’s Tizen? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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