Samsung shows a 200MP camera with a huge cat ad poster

In anticipation of the first smartphones with a 200-megapixel camera from Samsung, the South Korean manufacturer has already demonstrated what the upcoming sensor can do. The development team printed a 200 megapixel image of a cat on a 28 x 22 meter advertising poster and attached it to a building.

This was a great challenge for Samsung engineers: the sensor currently works only with a test panel and has also been used to capture an image of a moving object. A custom adapter was also made to accommodate DSLR lenses, although it wasn’t possible to use it for the final image.

Due to its massive size of 616 square metres, the image had to be printed on twelve 2.33-meter long canvases, which were then sewn together and fixed to a building using a crane. According to the Sensor Solutions team, this poster should demonstrate the advantages of a 200MP camera, including zoom without quality loss.

In the aisles it is claimed that Motorola will release the first smartphone with this technology. Meanwhile, the company hinted at the reveal during July of this year.

Samsung Motorola (Weibo)

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