Sandbox, a community for young people who love art and culture

April 10, 16:30


Aalten – Young people interested in art and culture can contact Sandbox. Sandbox is an initiative of two students who are pursuing teacher training and wish to bridge the gap between crafts and museum art for young creative people. Figulus Welzijn helps with this by making space in the youth hostel at 66 Ludgerstraat in Aalten. An evening for this target group is organized every two weeks, on Fridays from 7 pm to 9 pm. Sandbox received a budget from Talent Connector Richard Jongentjes. Participation is free, materials will be provided.

Written by Karen Strunks

Stephen Boyer and Colin Lasker, two young students, want to mentor young people who want to do something with art and culture. Colin: “We have space available here at the youth hostel every two weeks, and of course, we also received a budget from talent conductor Richard Jungentjes. Tonight we will be working with coal.” Colin in art school, and Stephen in history teacher training. What they both have is an interest in art, culture and art history. “And we would like to pass this on to young people who share our interests.”

Stephen explains: “Our goal is to be a bridge between crafts and museum art for young people. What do we offer? Well, this can be anything. We can offer workshops, for example invite a speaker, but above all we can do it ourselves. Young people can Indicate what they want to do, draw, sketch, make posters, screen print or make blueprints. We provide materials and guide participants. For example, during holidays we can have a project week. ” Colin adds: “We are currently focusing on young adults between the ages of 16 and 25. It’s not that you have to be good at something, if you’re excited and interested, that’s fine. Sandbox is accessible and non-binding. There is no membership or commitment.”

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There is no shortage of enthusiasm with Stephen and Colin. The ideas exist and they have the knowledge. In the meantime, young people come who want to participate. When the set is complete, the guys go upstairs, and there’s room for the Sandbox. Tables are pushed together, chairs set. This is followed by a round of introductions. It turns out that one of the girls brought up two friends who aren’t really into art but who are curious. Colin says cheerfully, “That’s cool! We’ll be working with coals tonight.” The materials are brought in and the group gets to work.

How did the initiators get the name Sandbox? “The literal translation is sandbox. It means fun, enjoyment and discovery. In addition, Sandbox is a concept that is used both online and in games for a type of game where everything is possible and people are free to try and experiment with everything.” Will this project lead to an exhibition? We will share the results on social media. But the show is a great idea! We can still think about that…”

The Sandbox takes place every two weeks on Friday evenings from 7-9pm. Participation is free, materials will be provided. Where: The hostel, Ludgerstraat 66, Aalten. The next evening is Friday, April 22nd.

Facebook: Sandbox Achterhoek

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