Sander Hogendorn imposes a curfew | Television

“I’ve already heard that young people see curfew as a great challenge,” says the radio producer. “To make sure they get to a party at 9 pm and not leave until 4:30 pm. That is of course not the intention. We have to stay home. I like to sacrifice the night’s rest to play pictures for seven and a half hours, if needed.”

3fm was hit hard this week with listeners announcing. Despite serious demand, the traditional year-end promotion, the station recorded a historically low listening rate of just 2 percent.

“And yet we were able to raise a good sum for charity,” Hogendorne shrugged about the listening personalities. “Last year we also ran the campaign with you’ll never Walk Alone Which was a success across Europe. I organized the biggest house party in the Netherlands. Now we’re doing this. Not everything 3fm does can be expressed in numbers. “

Hoogendoorn himself supports the curfew, but admits that it does not have much influence on him personally. “It starts by the time I go to bed anyway because of my morning show. I think it’s good for them to finally look forward rather than wiping the tap open.”

Although 3fm will occasionally join the broadcast, Hoogendoorn can only be heard all night over YouTube. “And as long as there are spectators, I’ll go on. With a different genre every hour. And the viewer decides, so if they feel like doing an after-skating at 2 am: that’s less close to myself, but bring it!”

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