Sander Van de Bafert: Jokes about prostitute Bilal Waheeb should be allowed | stars

He said on Saturday, “No dude, that’d be cool.” Volkswagen Krant Magazine. “Well, I will not attack Islam or Muhammad. Although it is tragic, I do not feel the desire to live in a barracks. In the past, I made videos with kneeling beards, but I don’t have to consciously leave them. It just doesn’t get my radar.” Like this. “

Dar Al Tahrir editors have published the first version of the song Riot Bilal Lover Not broadcast. A second copy, a day later, made it to the broadcast but was disconnected without an internet connection after angry reactions. “Poe said he wouldn’t want it on his conscience if this kid gets bullied with my song. I understand. I’ll love it too, and of course there. At the same time, I also think that jokes about this bastard should be thrown at Bilal,” says Van de Bafert.

However, there are things Van de Bafarte is no longer joking about these days. “I’m also getting older and milder. If someone has a lot of shit already, or doesn’t choose to get publicized, I sometimes think: Don’t bother. Because how good is the joke when it’s after going up the stairs?”

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