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Sarah Ferguson, 61, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, wanted to star in the Netflix series the crown. She made this known to herself in an interview with magazine Town and Country. Sarah is a fan of the series, but she felt her character wasn’t showing enough. In the meantime, her first novel could be turned into a movie.

the crown It portrays life in the British royal family dramatically, but Ferguson felt her role was understated. She contacted the creators of the award-winning show with a message that actress Jessica Aquilina, who plays Sarah, hasn’t been seen very often. “I offered to help them,” she says. “To better understand life behind the walls of Buckingham Palace.” However, Netflix didn’t want to find out, as it turns out. “They refused to help me,” Fergie said disappointedly.

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Fortunately, she does not have to rely on Netflix for her television career. The Duchess of York is also in talks about the television rights to her first novel. At least one streaming service has subscribed to Her heart for the compass Drama series on the way Bridgeton to make.

The book, a historical drama, will be released in early August in the United Kingdom and the United States. The story is based on one of Ferguson’s predecessors, as she previously told social media. “I have researched my family history for the past few years using the Royal Archives. So the book contains a lot of detail from the Victorian era. I have also used the story of my life and my experiences. So it is a story very close to my heart.”

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Sarah has already published several children’s books in the past as well as some non-fiction books. She made her first steps in Hollywood in 2009, when she was one of the producers Little Victoria. This film was about the early years of Queen Victoria, the grandmother of the current Queen Elizabeth.

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