Sarah Gigante recovered after heart problems

Sarah Gigante recovered after heart problems

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 11:31 p.m.

Sarah Gigante should take it easy for now. The 21-year-old Australian is recovering from myocarditis and pericarditis. It is an inflammation of the heart muscle and pericardium, which is usually caused by a virus. “I’m feeling very good now, but I need to approach it carefully,” he says through his team TIBCO-SVB.

A few days after the Tokyo Olympics, the promising rider began to get sick last summer. In early August, Sarah was admitted to Girona Hospital with severe chest pain. It was a very bad and scary time for Sarah and her family, friends and team. Gigante was admitted several times over the next few weeks and months, but was initially unable to make a diagnosis by doctors.

Eventually, Ryder suffered from myocardial infarction and pericarditis, also known as myocarditis. “I’m had some very difficult months. I never expected this to happen to me. It’s not good to go it alone at first, but thankfully I can count on a large circle of friends. Gigande has been helped in recent months by his mother, brother and colleague Kristen Faulkner.

Grief relief
In October, Gigante was able to fly from Spain to his native Australia. Now she can train carefully again, but so far has taken no risk. “It’s been a while since she’s fully trained again. However, we’re glad Sarah is performing well again. It’s always scary to ask if someone has heart problems. .

Gigante will not play for the American organization next year because he has already been able to put his writing under a three-year contract with Movistar. The Australian is known to be the best talent. At a young age, he is already an Australian champion in road and time testing.

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