SAS soon to the US with the Airbus A321

SAS will fly to the United States with the Airbus A321 from September. The number of flights to the United States is also increasing.

From September, SAS will fly its first A321 LR from Copenhagen to Boston on the west coast of the United States. This is the first time a Scandinavian company has sailed with the A321 Neo. The planes had been ready for years; For example, Up in the Sky reported in 2017 that the choice between the A321LR and the 737 MAX was ahead. This aircraft can fly about 6000 kilometers (when the crow flies) in about 8.5 hours. The return route is slightly faster than 7.5 hours. The A321 carried a total of 157 passengers to S.A.S.

The total number of flights from Scandinavia to the United States is also increasing. Flights from Stockholm to New York will resume in September. From October, SAS will return from Copenhagen and Stockholm to Miami, followed by the Stockholm-Chicago route in the fall. By the fall, the company hopes to reclaim its entire route network in the United States. The full fall schedule is below, so flights between Copenhagen and Boston will operate from SAS with the A321.

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