Save space quickly and flexibly, think marine container

Do you want to create space quickly and flexibly? For example, consider a Brinkbox Marine Container. Sea containers are used for various purposes. In this way, it is transferred to different spaces. We tell you how you can create more space with a marine container.

office or workspace in construction

a buy container Definitely recommended for a construction site. The container can be used to store materials, so you can save more space elsewhere, or use it as a construction shed or as a workspace for welding work, for example.

storage for warehouse

Let’s say you have a lot of stuff in your store, but you don’t have enough space to store things during peak season. You can then create more space in your store by temporarily storing the items in a sea container. This way you can easily pick up your things when you need them and you don’t have a packed shop.

Café or pop-up shop

Containers are also often used as spaces such as a coffee shop or pop-up store. These shipping container cafes and shops are easy to transport. This makes it flexible to use. Also, it is not necessary to construct an entire new building for this purpose and this is of course a very special experience for visitors.

as home or office

What is becoming increasingly popular is the use of sea containers as a home or office. Both in the Netherlands and abroad, more and more homes are being built from sea containers. In this way the housing shortage can be partially resolved. These spaces are also very suitable as offices.

Swimming pool

Building a swimming pool? This takes up a lot of space. Nowadays, marine container swimming pools are also used. For example, a 20-foot or 40-foot container is ideal as a swimming pool. By making a few modifications to the marine container, you can ensure that the pool is weatherproof. You can even turn it into a luxury swimming pool.

In short, sea containers offer various options to create more space or make use of space.

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