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Spokesman Diamond Late on TMZ Know that the actor felt a lump in his neck. Later in the hospital, where the actor was admitted last weekend, he found that the cancer had spread to the rest of his body. Doctors began treatment right away.

Diamond is the only member of the original series not to appear in the series’ reboot The ringing of the bell saved him It is currently broadcasted in the United States on the Peacock Broadcasting Service. After the end of the comedy play and its sequel College years, The actor didn’t get many roles anymore. However, he has acted sporadically as a comedian.

Sentenced to prison

The actor released the book in 2009 Behind the bell Who, where he came up with stories about things that could have happened behind the scenes of comedy. He was very despised by his former teammates. However, he later admitted that many of the stories were incorrect or greatly exaggerated.

Six years later, he was sentenced to four months in prison for his role in a barrage that nobody stabbed.

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