Saving a baby orangutan from the hands of smugglers | abroad

The orangutan is about a year old and has been called “Siti” and “Soden”. According to JAAN, there is a good chance that the mother of animals could be killed so that the babies could be traded.

The orangutan stays with its mother until around the age of eight. The two children are taken to the JAAN Wildlife Center, where they are being looked after and receiving medical attention.

The monkeys were in a cage in the back of a bus, hidden under boxes of bananas. The bus driver was arrested on the spot, and the smuggler could be arrested.

In Indonesia, the habitat of orangutans and many other animals is being destroyed to create palm oil plantations. Orangutans can often be found on those farms where they eat palm leaves due to the lack of space. Farm workers shoot the monkeys because they are a nuisance.

Orangutans are taken care of at the Sumatra Wildlife Center, thanks in part to the support of Telegraaf readers. The puzzle campaign launched by this newspaper raised more than 100,000 euros for an animal shelter four years ago. The funds were used to build a reception center in South Sumatra, near the town of Kalyanda. Monkeys, birds, bears, and even crocodiles that have been rescued from smuggling are finding temporary shelter there.

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