Saxonberg is proud to have been promoted to orthopedic surgeon

Last week, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stephen (SN) von Wendelou, who works at the Saxonburg Medical Center in Hortenberg at the University of Groningen, with his research on the impact of modernization and training (IOS) on the mental health of physicians in medical education. Studies are mainly the result of personal experiences during his training. He delights in applying the knowledge and experience he has acquired for Saxonburg patients.

It is also important that physicians be well-trained and mentally trained for good patient care. That is why medical higher education has become significantly more modern and competent in recent years. In his dissertation entitled “Improving the Learning Environment and the Well-Being of Residents in Postgraduate Medical Education” Stephen von Wendellu explored the impact of the modernization process on the learning environment and looked at the role of the learning environment in determining the mental well-being of residents. .

Wellness physicians in training

He says the resident can appreciate the key elements of qualification-based training, such as transparent testing, advanced supervision and creating a portfolio. In addition, the learning environment plays an important role in determining the mental well-being of residents. A positive learning environment reduces the chance of burnout and stimulates their enthusiasm.

Characteristics of such a favorable learning environment, according to his research, include ample opportunities to learn, autonomy, gaining constructive feedback and a culture of development. According to the Ph.D. candidate, it would be good if academics knew their key role in this process and take this into account in modernization.

“Saxenberg plays a key role in training trainees. In addition, medical assistants work in a variety of fields. I am happy to share my knowledge with relevant supervisors,” says the brand new doctor.

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Saxonburg is proud of its promotion to orthopedic surgeon, and is pleased with the positive impact it has had on the professionals and patients of the Saxonburg Medical Center.

Collection of Education and Profession

Stephen von Wendell (1984) studied medicine at the University of Groningen. During his PhD research he joined the Cronington Share Company of the University Medical Center. After training as an orthopedic surgeon, he worked for a year as a traumatized colleague at Belgium’s largest trauma center. Since March 1, 2020, he has been working as an orthopedic surgeon at the Saxonburg Medical Center, within the orthopedic center Vectal.

Source: Saxonburg Group

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