Schiedam gets the third Islamic primary school: the municipality warned against it

Schiedam will have a new Islamic primary school. Thanks to the new “More Space for New Schools” law, different schools can realize their plans. Within this group, education plans for nine primary schools with Islamic identity have been approved by the Education Inspectorate.

The application for additional primary schools has been accepted in Välardingen, Masluis, Schiedam and others. In Schiedam, Ababil Primary School will have an additional building. Happy, the director of human resources at the school, Zeinab Erdogan, with this news. “Especially in Vlardingen, we fought for a primary school for a long time.” According to Erdogan, their application was rejected several times because there were not enough students. Now that the More Room for New Schools Act has been passed, we have received permission from the Minister. So after being rejected seven times and after a lot of wrangling, it finally worked.”

Previously rejected request

In Schiedam, an application has already been submitted for the extension of Ababeel Primary School. At the time, this request was not met by the municipality. Erdogan: “It was rejected because there is still room for placement and because a number of matters, according to the municipality, are still improper. This now also applies to that school, the ministry has made room for establishment.”


In conjunction with the request submitted by the Islamic College Foundation for additional sites to the Ministry of Education, the municipality of Schiedam submitted its opinion. According to Erdogan, the municipality of Schiedam “advised” the establishment of another school in Schiedam. “Instead, the current school can still grow. We don’t want that, it will be at the expense of quality and the children here.”

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“Housing Program Without Application”

Schiedam municipality said in a written response: ‘We heard with interest from the press the decision of the minister to approve the initiative of the Islamic College Foundation to establish a third primary school in Schiedam. We suppose we will receive another official letter from the Ministry here.

The school board did not apply for the Housing 2023 Program to establish the Third Islamic Primary School. We have understood from the media that the Islamic College Foundation is now giving priority to a school in Välardingen and Maslus. In addition to this, he also started to establish a school in Delft.

We do not currently know what exactly the school board wants with regard to any expansion of a third elementary school. We will discuss this with the SIC.

According to the school board itself, the application for the housing program will be submitted in February 2023. According to them, the talk about housing also started from today.

Eastern Schiedam

Despite this view, the ministry decided to provide government funds for the construction of a third Islamic primary school in Schiedam. Erdogan hopes that there will be a place in eastern Schiedam for the new school building. “We are already in Groeneord and Newland, and now we would like to go east because we also have children from that area. Sometimes you also see some children coming from West Rotterdam. We prefer Schiedam-Oost to prevent these flows.

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