Schulz elected chancellor by the Bundestag 16 years after Merkel | Abroad

Voting began after 9:00 AM. The deputies took turns to vote. That was a formality. The parties that will form a coalition led by Schulz have a clear majority in the Bundestag of 416 out of 736 seats. These are the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) led by Schulze, the environmental Green Party and the liberal FDP.

It is the first time that these parties form a government. Scholz received 395 votes for and 303 against in the Bundestag. After he was said to have received enough votes and after his election was officially announced, there was a long round of applause.

Schultz will be sworn in later on Wednesday and his ministers will be sworn in. Merkel will officially hand over her duties at about three o’clock in the afternoon. You just failed to become Germany’s longest-serving chancellor. It is several weeks before he received this record from Helmut Kohl.

Rota wishes the new Chancellor Schulz the best of luck

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte wishes Germany’s new chancellor Olaf Schulz “all the success”. In a tweet, he said he also looked forward to future cooperation with the SPD “as good neighbors in Europe”.

Rutte also contemplates the departure of Angela Merkel after sixteen years as head of the German government. “I also feel the end of an era for me personally. The Netherlands and I owe it a lot of thanks.”

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