Science gets an advantage over other drivers with the extra Ferrari test

Many drivers will change teams next season, one of which is Carlos Science. As the Ferrari arranges for him more testing, the Spaniard already has a huge advantage over other drivers who can change.

A big musical chair will be held at the start of the upcoming season. Many drivers changed seats and found a new boss. For example, Science goes to Ferrari, while Sebastian Vettel leaves for Aston Martin F1. The German takes charge from Sergio Perez, while Daniel Ricciardo leads world champion Fernando Alonso. The happy Australian will grab the seat from Science. Very complicated story, in which many drivers have to deal with new cars and teams. Science would have an advantage if Ferrari was up.

Since the winter test will only last three days this year, there is not much time for the changed riders to use everything. So Matia Pinoto wants Citas to drive a three-year-old car. “We plan to organize something for Carlos so he can somehow speed up his coordination with the team, the engineers, the car, our work ethic and our practices,” the Italian said. The team boss mentions that the simulator will also be important, but the additional testing moment also works.

Alonso gave a demo of an old car in Abu Dhabi, coming back to the Alpine F1 (Renault) stage from next season.

This luxury is not reserved for Ricciardo and the cut. They have to do three test days in March and integrate more quickly out of the car. “The rules about what we can do are very clear. At this time we have no choice but to go in an old car at McLaren,” said Andreas Seattle, the team’s head coach. “We only have a chance in three days of testing, but of course we are currently working hard within the team, joining Daniel from January 1 and joining him on the team as soon as possible.”

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The four-time world champion cut also needs to be resolved on standard test days of more than two months. “We have not had the opportunity to use a car since two years ago,” said Odmar Safnaur, head of the Aston Martin F1 team. He will also work closely with Germany to get used to everything quickly. So Science is the only person in Australia or Bahrain who has the extra time to practice and appear on a fully prepared stage.

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