Science Weekend: Here’s What To Do And Watch

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September 29, 2021
Science villager Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of science and technology this weekend! Catch up on NEMO’s live show at home with all kinds of great experiences and special guests, like AndrĂ© Kuipers, Diederik Gommers and Erik Scherder. or go through Science Weekend Do your own research at one of the sites in the Netherlands.

Picture 1. How does this all work? Shine your light on NEMO or another location. Photo: Elga Mivut


On Saturday and Sunday, Klaas van Kruistum will be giving an interesting live show from NEMO from 9:30 am. Follow the program from home and watch the amazing experiences and performances of a large number of special guests. Curious about what Andre Kuipers, Robert Dijgraf, Dedrick Gummers, Jaap van Dessel, France de Waal, and Eric Scherder have to say about Kate Oldenbuffing? Then take a look! The program can be watched live on the Weekend of Science website. NEMO is free to visit all weekend (but book time in advance) and this also applies to the studio in Marineterrein. Here you will find the very interesting exhibit “Parts of You”, especially for adults, about the effects of the data you leave behind every day and how all this data affects your life.

Visit a site across the country

NEMO of course is not the only website where you can learn something about science and technology. Private sites across the country open their doors to the public during Science Weekend. Visit the world’s largest marine lock at IJmuiden or dive into GeoFort Science Lab. The Tax and Customs Museum takes you into the world of research and investigation. Throughout the week there is a special FIOD (Financial Intelligence and Investigation Service) bus, filled with listening devices and investigative resources. In the FIOD expo & escape room, everyone tests their research skills.

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Fun activities at home

Everyone can also start with science and technology from home. The Weekend of Science website is filled with fun videos, experiments, and guided tours. Take a look in the operating room or see your DNA with very everyday household items. Anyone who wants to contribute to scientific research should take to the streets to look for sidewalk plants. These plants are certainly not weeds and are very important in keeping the city cool. Swipe over the plants growing on your doorstep and help out with the hunt!

Picture 2. Do your research during the science weekend. Photo: Elga Mivut

Picture 3. Great experiences! Photo: Elga Mivut

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