Science Weekend in Zwolle is approaching: you can visit these activities

Drive to Jumbo or Albert Heijn or take the lift at Hema or Zara. This would not have been possible without science. Curious what the world would be like without knowledge? Then come to Stadkamer Zwolle this weekend.

The weekend of October 1 and 2 is Science Weekend. Children can often learn about this world for free. Topic: What would their life be like without knowledge? This is the question that will be answered during the 10th edition of Science Weekend.

Science Weekend in Zwolle

In more than one hundred and fifty locations in the Netherlands, there is something to be done on the topic “What would the world look like without science”. Kids meet real scientists, watch restorers at work in the museum and do experiments in laboratories. Also in Zwolle. Here you can do three activities at Stadkamer Centrum in Zeven Alleetjes. So cute: it’s often free!

There are three activities in Zwolle:

  • Daily Intelligence Gallery. Do you know for what purpose artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is used? Discover it through the short stories during this free gallery. This is possible on Friday 30th September from 9am-9pm and Saturday 1st October from 10am-5pm. You can find more information over here.
  • Make your own Smartlap with the help of AI. On Friday 30th September you will learn about the algorithm in an hour and a half writing session (1.30pm-3pm or 3.30pm-5pm) together, while enjoying a glass of non-alcoholic and bitter beer, as you make your own homemade tears. The cost of the workshop is 5 euros. You can find more information over here (first workshop) and over here (Second workshop).
  • Create new items in the physical world with augmented reality. Create 3D elements, such as a windmill, on Saturday, October 1st, from 3-5 pm, then see them in the real world thanks to AR (Augmented Reality). More information about the free workshop can be found over here.
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Small Announcement: For the youngest kids, it’s still a bit complicated. Children from 8 years old can fully dive into the world of science. The festival is organized by the NEMO Science Museum on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

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