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SCORE launches digital payment with Crypto coins

SCORE launches digital payment with Crypto coins

Amsterdam, October 12, 2021 – Retail chain SCORE is leading the way in digital payment innovation by accepting cryptocurrency in its physical stores. SCORE has launched its first crypto payment beta at the branch at The Mall of The Netherlands in The Hague-Leidchendam. Customers can now make purchases with Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD coin.

The men’s retail chain SCORE is addressing a fast-growing group active in the crypto world by launching payments with cryptocurrency. According to recent research by MarktEffect, 700,000 Dutch and another 3.5 million Dutch are interested in it. The payment provider chosen by SCORE is Coinbase commerce. This isn’t the first time that SCORE has surprised the retail world with an innovative approach. Previously, the chain pioneered the launch of the “order in store” service and video calls.

“The result is the men’s jeans destination,” says Frank Huisman, CEO of SCORE! So we know what men matter and we know their needs. Building on this knowledge, today we are one of the first retail players to benefit from the growing success of cryptocurrencies. By doing so, we enhance our services and invest in the future of payments. Paying with cryptocurrency is perfectly aligned with our multi-channel strategy, you shop and pay the way you want. Whether the customer comes to the store or orders online: we offer them the same best service everywhere with a free combination of online in-store orders, in-person shopping, video recording instructions and now also cryptocurrency payments. “

Crypto and Blockchain Technology for the Retail Model of the Future
Regulators internationally are innovating and now leading the adoption of blockchain technology, of which cryptography is the first major application. Blockchain technology is about more than just making money. Payments using a crypto holder to make operations more efficient and transparent to the consumer, and the world of blockchain opens up a whole new world of services.

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Research agency BLOCKDATA conducts research into the social and economic developments of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Owner Jonathan Knigel explains: “Blockchain and cryptotechnology are still in their infancy, but we are seeing that not only consumers, but also multi-billion dollar companies are aggressively innovating and incorporating blockchain into their businesses. This development has been happening out of the public eye for a while, But now that it has become such an integral part of our economy, it was only a matter of time before crypto made its way to Main Street.This is the first step to an entirely new consumer retail experience.We are pleased to see that this is finding its way to consumers not only in the US, but Also in the Netherlands through SCORE.

Niels Lucker, a BLOCKDATA partner, adds: “Imagine you walk into a store and then get an automated digital overview, so you can see exactly where your product came from. This is a technical step that makes blockchain possible. It provides a new level of transparency for the consumer, who in turn makes a more informed purchase. This is a development that fits seamlessly in with the renewal of the fashion scene.”
Frank Huisman concludes: “With the best selection of luxury jeans brands and jeans specialists for the best advice, every man will find the perfect outfit at SCORE. Our formula for success is the result of the right combination of combination, knowledge, service and hospitality. We are expanding that now, with cryptocurrency acceptance, to the convenience of payment. After all, the pleasure of shopping and convenience comes first to us.”

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About Frank Huisman
Frank Huisman (49 years old) graduated in HBO Logistics and Economics at HAN in Nijmegen. He started his career at SCORE as a Buyer with a mission of “Less Stock, More Return”. Driven by a winning mentality and career ambitions as a passionate leader of his team, Frank grew to become a Director of Supply Chain before joining the SCORE Board as Director of Supply Chain where he is today the CEO of the SCORE Group. His main drive remains the expansion and innovation of SCORE’s successful multi-channel business model

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SCORE is the men’s jeans destination, a retail brand with a selection of premium jeans brands. Buyers choose jeans collections from brands like Calvin Klein, CHASIN, Fred Perry, Cast Iron, Tommy Jeans, Lacoste and more. Jeans specialists provide customers with the best advice both offline and online and ensure a totally stylish look. SCORE has 60 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium and the online shops and

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