Scotland advance to T20 World Cup Super 12 by eight wickets against Oman

Scottish captain Kyle Kotzer hits three big games in sixes and returns in 41 games against Oman

Scotland won the T20 World Cup Super 12 by 8 wickets against Oman.

After captain Kyle Goitzer returned to his position with a powerful shot of 41, host Oman were out for 122 games in Muscat and Scotland fell three times.

With this victory, the Scots maintained a 100 per cent record in the tournament and finished first in Group B, meaning they advanced to the second group of the Super 12 along with Afghanistan, India, New Zealand and Pakistan – entering the second round of the tournament for the first time. World Cup.

Bangladesh, who beat Papua New Guinea by 84 pitches, finished second in Group A and advanced to Group A, where they face England, Australia, South Africa and the West Indies.

Oman got off to a sad start to their innings when skipper Jatinder Singh ran out the second ball – the first hand he faced – and Akib Elias remained on the other end after charging the wicket by hitting the ball straight to Mark Watt in the middle of the match.

Oman opener Jatinder Singh left the field after being ducked out

Frustrated Kashyap Prajapati (three) then lifted straight back to Georges Monzi in the middle to set up Spian Sharif (2-25), Ilias and Mohammad Nadim settled things 13-2.

The pair put on 38 for the third wicket, but Elias fell for 37 off -35 balls, including sixty-six and three in the 10th over as he took the lead at the first end of Michael Leskin.

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Leesk (2-13) and fellow spinners Watt (1-23) and Chris Greaves (0-9 in two) broke well for Scotland, although Nadeem hit some good sixes, 25 from the watches by Richie Berrington.

Scottish players celebrate the removal of Omani Kashyap Prajapati

Captain Zeeshan Maxoud, 34, held Oman’s scoreboard to 122 in the later stages of the innings. Innings when Graves Foys Butt (seven) scored.

As Punt (1-26) stepped straight into the fray with a deep square foot, Munche and Kotzer gave Scotland a solid start through a 33-round opening partnership before Munche fell to 20 runs.

It was a tribute to Kotsar, who fought late and continued his game, finishing with a big 91kg power play and six long distance bowls to go 19.

At more than half of Pat’s depths of 84 meters, he was followed by an extra cover with a strong four in a row, but knocked the 93-meter monster off the ground and broke Nadeem’s ninth inning. In the middle of the wicket.

But when he was ready, the batsman played a full innings of Kaur Ali (1-27) and was out for 41 off just 28 balls.

It added Matthew Cross and Barrington 75-2 – both scored 92 in the win over Papua New Guinea, and they again led Scotland to victory in style.

Matthew Cross and Richie Barrington celebrate after the Scottish victory

Cruise continued to play unbeaten on 26 off 35 balls, but took the Battington Goetzer’s bat with a big six in Ali’s line – 99 yards and the highest tag of the match played by his captain. He was seated a few minutes ago.

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Six more followed him on the same score, which sealed Barrington with a win at the end of the 17th inning, taking a throw from Nadeem, a four and then advancing to a six 31. 21 balls.

What did the captain say?

Scottish Kyle Kotzer: “It’s a great feeling. It’s great for Scotland and domestic cricket. The opportunity to play on the big stage, to test ourselves against the best and develop the game at home. The following is unique.

“There is real cooperation between our team. We were thick and thin. Some of these players were in the last T20 World Cup and they learned from our experience losing the team experience. A lot of hard work over the last two years, developing their style of play, of course the device. Did the job.

Kotzer joined George Muncie for 33rd place in Scotland’s first small gate

“The boys are in the best place, they play the best cricket and the uniforms can be seen to be well established on the bat and ball and pitch.

“There is no reason [to now] Fear of games on that board. It will be a tough match, it will be a good and exciting team, but we go through every match with the hope and confidence that we can win some cricket matches while we are here.

Oman’s Zeeshan Maksood: “We missed a chance. But life does not end, so we will do it. We did not hit well and could not put a good total on the board. It was difficult to defend, we played some short balls and made no progress.”

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What then?

With Group B finalized, the focus now returns to the final two Group A matches in Sharjah, ensuring the winners qualify for the Super 12 after a win and defeat against the Netherlands. To Sri Lanka.

Namibia vs Ireland

October 22, 2021, 10:30 p.m.

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Sri Lanka then face the Netherlands (3pm) as they maintain their 100 per cent record and lead Group A to the UK, South Africa, Australia, the West Indies and Bangladesh.

Live Cricket ICC T20

October 22, 2021, 2.30pm

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The Group A matches start in the Super 12 stage on Saturday, with Australia and South Africa first at 11am and the 2016 final before England meet defending champions the West Indies at 3pm.

Watch the T20 World Cup live on the air from now until November 14th. Group A will conclude with a decisive match between Ireland and Namibia in Sky Sports Cricket on Friday from 10:30 am, followed by Sri Lanka against the Netherlands from 2:30 pm.

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