Scotland lost to the Netherlands by 14 points, with Max O’Dowd scoring 82 points in Rotterdam.

Max O’Dowd’s fantastic roles against Scotland are important
One day, Rotterdam: Scotland vs Netherlands
Netherlands 163-8 (33 plus): O Dowd 82, Van Peek 24. Main 16-2.
Scotland 8-149 (33 points): Barrington 41, Mansi 27. Kingma 21-3.
The Netherlands won by 14 points
Score card

Max O’Donnell’s 14th win against Scotland 82 times in the first match of two ODIs in Rotterdam.

The New Zealand-born thunder helped the home team to a total of 163-8 in the late rain game after winning the coin toss.

Matthew Cruise lost to one, and captain Kyle Kutcher left Scotland for nine years to continue the match 25-2.

Richie Berrington (41) and George Muns (27) lost eight wickets each.

Spin bowler Mark Watt has made a big gap in the reels, scoring more than 2-27 times in his six innings to reach 100 wickets for Scotland.

“It is an absolute honor and privilege to wear the emblem on my chest and represent my country,” he said. “I’m eager to take 100 wickets and hope to win another ton in the coming years.”

It was the first international to take place in Scotland before the Kovit-19 epidemic in December 2019, and both sides are looking forward to the 24-hour one-dayer again on Thursday.

Cricket coach Shane Burger is sad: “It is great to be playing international cricket again. It was a long wait, we were definitely well prepared, but when it comes to attacking those stressful moments in international cricket and getting on the field, this is where we go downhill. This gave the players more time and opportunities to shake the pole a little bit, and we will return to successful ways.

“There were some real positives that we could use today. Of course we will be sure of those positives tomorrow and hopefully learn from some of the mistakes we made today.”

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