“Scudetto Juventus, everyone eats at home”

Tue, July 6, 2021 at 21:32• Dominic Mostert

Maurizio Sarri gave an extensive interview to Sportitalia Considering his tenure as a Juventus coach. The coach, who was appointed to Lazio last month, signed a three-year contract in Turin in June 2019. In his first season he won the league title with Juventus, but in August 2020 Sarri was sacked after being eliminated by Olympique Lyonnais in the eighth Champions League final. He says winning the league title at home and abroad was not a major achievement.

“The Scudetto was considered by the outside world and unfortunately also within the club. We didn’t celebrate it,” said the 62-year-old coach. “Everyone ate at home that night. This was probably the best year to be coach of Juventus as they just celebrated their fourth place.” Sarri lost in his first season the Supercoppa Italiana fight against Lazio (1-3) and the Italian Cup final against Napoli (0-0, loss on penalties). So the national title was his only prize. Moreover, cooperation with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was not always smooth.

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“It is not easy to manage,” Sarri said. “Ronaldo is a multinational company.” “In addition to the team interest, he also has personal interests. But his year-end numbers say enough. In recent years I’ve heard a lot about individuals and very little about teams.” Sarri cannot say whether Ronaldo will stay with Juventus this summer. There is a lot of speculation about the future of the 36-year-old striker. “It depends on what the club wants. If they have to cut salary costs, they have to make a decision. I think it’s better to let one player go than five or six players, who earn the same amount together.”

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Stories about Ronaldo’s relationship with Sarri, especially after the coach’s departure. Corriere dello Sport He painted a picture of a tactically strong but lacking empathy coach last August. For example, Ronaldo was upset on the training ground when Sarri gave him the order: You play with two touches, you play with two touches, or: multiply twice, multiply twice. Ronaldo heard this statement during almost every training, so it seemed. Although he tolerated it and did not speak publicly, he considered the assignment as a denial of his talent. Ultimately, more and more players were going to turn on Sarri and Ronaldo would have played a leading role in the process.

Sarri spent a year at Chelsea before his contract with Juventus. Won the European League with blues Then he left for Turin. Director Marina Granovskaya noted at that time that Sari wanted to be near his elderly parents. But in retrospect, Sarri regrets the choice. “I made a big mistake at Chelsea. That mistake was that I wanted to go back to Italy at any cost,” it seems. “Marina Granovskaya tried to stop me from leaving Chelsea, but I had a desire to go back to Italy. Chelsea is a great club and later brought in a lot of young players who fit my style well.”

“I was there in a separate year, when Roman Abramovich could not come to England (his visa was not renewed after geopolitical tensions between Russia and the UK, editor), so we had an absent owner. It was a difficult situation that all ended on Marina’s plate. It was She has to solve a thousand problems. The football part was the responsibility of the coaching staff, with no money. Later, Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Mason Mount and Hakim Ziyech, who were all good. It fits my style of play.”

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