Seam more space for skiers

Nijmegen – Next week, all adults may once again show how things should be done in this country. Bear Wertheim (16) and Renz Blanken (14) would like it, too. This isn’t possible yet, but even then they don’t feel the urge to wait patiently. With a seam, they defend what is important to them: more space for skiers.

Written by Gerrit Jan Grippsma

On the square in front of the Valkhof museum, the beautiful spring sun invites to enjoy the fresh air and let off steam on your skateboard. But there is no room for that in Nijmegen. Looking for a peer, Renz. “There are some ski parks in Nijmegen, but they are very few and lack maintenance.” Rugged asphalt causes a dangerous fall, “says Behr. He uncovered his back, showing the scratches from the previous fall.” And here, my hands, they were already damaged and destroyed. ” .

“You only live once, so why sit still?”

Adds Reigns: “De Wedren is still the best place to ski, but even there you notice that it was not designed by the skiers themselves. And the method is very busy! As a result, there is very little space and you have such a fine at this wreath time. At the moment,” We need to see our friends in a safe way, but that is often not possible because we have very few places to go. ” Reigns and Bear are not angry and rebellious guys, but they want to make something out of it. “You only live once, so why sit still?” Bear laughs. “Yes, exactly. We are optimistic and would like to take positive action,” adds Reigns. “We are not angry but we want to show what is going on among the youth. We think that the 12-18 year-olds don’t hear enough.”

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1100 signatures

So brave skaters began petitioning to draw attention to the shortage of skate parks. Simply search for “Nijmegen Youth Skatepark Actie” and you will access their petition. “We were totally overwhelmed by the quick success.” “Within a very short time, we got 1,100 signatures, far more than we expected.” With those 1,100 people standing behind us, we knocked on the municipality’s door. A first step, but it hasn’t achieved immediate success yet. It is understood that we do not expect to arrange our desires immediately, but we believe that our petition will have an effect in the end. “

No annoying assholes

“Skaters are tolerant and sociable among themselves,” says Raines. “We make something beautiful out of life, give each other space and don’t make fun of anyone. We are not tired young men to hang around, as people sometimes think.” They hope that through their positive action, they can initiate change. “A lot of things have to be done in a city like this and that costs a lot of money, but the youth should not be forgotten,” concludes Bear. “And what we’re asking isn’t really much, with a little bit of goodwill, it must be possible to do something that we can be happy with.”

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