Season 4’s “Love is Blind” introduces the contestants in a new teaser

almost love is blind Already back with the fourth season. In it, a number of singles will once again face the challenge of getting engaged without seeing each other. The new season will premiere on Friday, March 24, but now we can actually meet the participants.

It seems like the previous season just ended, but it’s already time for the next season love is blind. Netflix version of Married blind It is already in its fourth season as many bachelors are getting engaged again without seeing each other.

love is blind Season 4

love is blind Continue recording. In addition to the American version, versions were also made in Brazil and Japan. Plus, UK and Swedish versions are on the way as well. The original American version already had three seasons and the fourth is coming very soon. We can expect Season 4 on Netflix in just over two weeks. With release nearing, Netflix has already dropped a teaser in which we get to see a lot of the cast from Season 4.

In the video, season 4 contestants talk about love is blind about its most annoying features, Save the flags And what are they looking for in a partner. We see dozens of people passing by, and again only a few of them will actually participate. We’ll find out who they are from this friday, march 24th in season 4 of love is blind on Netflix. Although, of course, you can play as a matchmaker yourself based on the video.

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The season will be released on Netflix in four weeks. The first five episodes will appear on Friday, March 24th. Three new episodes will be released on Netflix on Friday, March 31st. On Friday, April 7th, 3 more episodes will be online and the finale will appear on Friday, April 14th.

Watch the performance of Season 4 subscribers here love is blind:

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