Sebastian Vettel backs Lewis Hamilton: ‘There should be no room for comments like this’

Sebastian Vettel believes Formula 1 must now push for inclusion after a turbulent week in the sport. The four-time world champion is known as the champion of equality and is also committed to all kinds of social causes.

Three-time champion Nelson Piquet caused a storm when he described Lewis Hamilton in an interview in November. The conversation resurfaced in the run-up to the British Grand Prix and the entire Formula 1 world condemned it. Red Bull Racing also terminated the contract of test and reserve driver Juri Phipps after the Estonian used a racist term during a live match broadcast. However, Est’s Hitech GP team took over, which caused a lot of surprise.

There is no room for these kinds of comments.

Vettel, who is not on social media himself, said, “It goes back beyond the last few days only if we’re being very honest. Maybe that’s it. [Hamilton]and his family throughout his life. Any abuse is wrong, so it’s good to see the Formula 1 community quick to speak up and show their support for Lewis. “They can undo the work quickly.” I don’t think there should be room for these kinds of comments. I think we’ve come a long way than we were many years ago, but it doesn’t help us if there are still things like that and people saying inappropriate things or using inappropriate language and saying the wrong things,” he explains.

“Formula 1 must stand up for everyone”

So Vettel believes that Formula 1, in its role as a model job, clearly works on inclusivity. “We have a campaign, WeRaceAsOne, and it’s very clear where we’re going and where we want to go in the future. It’s how we act and how we engage everyone, no matter what color you are, what kind of partner your sexual orientation is, so we welcome any sexual relationship” , confirms the 34-year-old German. The four-time world champion concludes: “We have to react quickly to something like this and make it clear that we are open to everyone. Kindness is important, people are important and it was very difficult to see what was happening.”

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