Sebastian Vettel looks forward to Montreal after two years of absence: “Worth the wait”

The Formula 1 circus returns to Montreal after a two-year hiatus. Sebastian Vettel crossed the line first during the final edition of the Canadian Grand Prix, but Lewis Hamilton won the toss and elected to field.

This year’s cut will undoubtedly squeeze his hands through P2 on Sunday. The fact is that Aston Martin will have to fight for points this season. The match in Baguio was also a success for the cut. The four-time world champion finished sixth, which was his best game of the year. Team-Mad Lance Stroll is out in Azerbaijan and wants revenge in Montreal before the crowd comes home.

Additional challenge after two years

In an Aston Martin press release Tells Vettel about returning to Montreal. “It’s always nice to get back on track after a few years, because finding a good rhythm along the way is an extra challenge. The wait is worth it,” he says. This season has been a tough start for the former Ferrari driver. He had to skip the first two races of the year, when he was knocked out during the first Grand Prix in Australia. However, the way up from the Grand Prix of Spain has been found. The German finished eleventh in Barcelona, ​​he finished tenth in Monaco, and finally sixth in Baku.


The Silverstone team caused a great stir in Spain. For example, the racing standard came with a significant upgrade package, in which the appearance of the car was also significantly changed. Because of the great similarities with the RB18, this car was jokingly called the Green Red Bull. The FIA ​​looked into the process, but could not find any evidence that the group had copied ideas from Red Bull Racing. For now, the creation seems to understand the car better and better and if it pays off in points and gives a steady break at the beginning of the year it can be called good.

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