Section after Verstappen review on Netflix: “I understand it makes him angry”

At the Grand Prix weekend in the United States, Max Verstappen announced that he was not a fan of the Netflix series Drive to Survive. Red Bull Driver, the popular streaming service no longer has to knock on its door for interviews because the program maker falsifies certain situations within Formula 1. Verstappen was not the only one to criticize the series.

Bernie Ecclestone had previously declared his support for Verstappen’s view. The former F1 boss spoke up Reuters His dissatisfaction. “I’m a realist. I know it’s not true, I know how they behave, think, act. At least many of them. When I look at things that are not right, I understand that it’s Max. Someone gets a little angry.”

Gunder Steiner was well aware that Verstappen was no longer participating in interviews for the series. “If Max does not want to be a part of it, he has the absolute right not to participate,” Haas’ boss told RacingNews365. “It’s a logical choice if he thinks he’s being misrepresented. It’s a shame for the fans because Max is a good driver and he has an interesting personality.”

Review of the Ferrari chapter on Netflix

At the Ferrari camp, not everyone was happy with the series, especially not in the episode featuring the Italian racing staple. “That episode wasn’t good, I was a little disappointed when I saw it,” Carlos Science said. CQ Magazine. “Ferrari is much cooler, bigger and much better than they (Netflix, ed.) Have shown.”

Other drivers did not pay attention. For example, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso announced that they were not watching the series. “I don’t know what they did, but sometimes they can make it so exciting. Is it good or bad? I don’t know,” Finn said in front of RacingNews 365’s microphone. Alonso did not see Drive to Survive either: “I have an Amazon Prime account, not Netflix.”

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Drive to Survive supporters

Of course, there are supporters of the series as well. Especially in the United States, its popularity exploded after the introduction of the Formula 1 series. Team bosses and seniors within F1 see the benefits. Toto Wolf was skeptical of the series at first, but later changed his mind. “We weren’t very happy with it at first. We wanted to focus on performance. But I was wrong. It was a clear success.”

Formula 1 boss Stefano Dominicali is logically happy with the Netflix series after the growth of Formula 1 followers. “This is especially noticeable among the female population,” he told RacingNews365. “I think the reason for this is the way Drive to Survive shows the game. It was behind the scenes, not so super technical. From a human perspective.”

Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon and Nikita Mazepin have previously announced that they are happy with Drive to Survive. The latter has shown on social media that it collaborates a lot with Netflix in particular. “Sometimes drivers are like robots. People forget that they are hiding behind the visor of their helmet. We drive in circles, but we also have a human side. Through the series they see our weaker side, a little more family and a little more private.”

Netflix is ​​currently filming Season 4 of Drive to Survive. Although Verstappen will not take part in the season, the series will undoubtedly feature in the title battle between the Dutch and Louis Hamilton. The new season of the Formula 1 documentary series will traditionally appear shortly before the start of a new F1 season.

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