Security Council passes resolution to allow people to leave Afghanistan safely

The UN Security Council passed a resolution calling on the Taliban to allow Afghans to leave their homeland unimpeded. The resolution received 13 votes, with Russia and China abstaining. Security Council resolutions are legally binding under international law.

The decision could increase pressure on the Taliban to fulfill the commitments made by the radical Islamist movement. The Taliban said Afghans are free to leave the country at any time and by any means necessary. The Security Council expects “the Taliban to comply with these and all other obligations.”

The resolution, submitted by Britain and France, along with Ireland and the United States, states that Afghanistan must not become a haven for terrorists. In addition, the state must allow unimpeded humanitarian aid and respect human rights, particularly the rights of women, children, and minorities.

French President Macron, along with the British and Germans, also proposed creating a safe zone at Kabul airport for humanitarian aid after the departure of the last American soldiers. This proposal failed.

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