Sef Vergoossen on the Dutch national team: “It was dramatic” | 1 Limburg

Saif Fergusen did not enjoy the Dutch national team in international matches against Turkey and Latvia.

“It was exciting,” says former MVV, Roda JC, and VVV coach at L1. Evening sport guests.

World Cup qualifiers
The Dutch national team started a series of qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar last week. After losing 4-2 in Turkey, the Dutch recovered on Saturday with a 2-0 win over Latvia. However, that match did not appeal to Fergusen’s sword. “I thought it was very bad against Turkey and against Latvia. Very bad, only Latvia was less. If I look at football and the principles that I find important, I can freeze the picture 150 times and say what went wrong.” Vergoossen basically refers to keeping the field wide, playing ball rather than dribbling and playing ball to the right player. “It was just dramatic.”

According to Vergoossen, they can all be trained. “If you look at the kick-off in the second half: it takes fifteen passes before you look for depth, it is all to place the ball wide at a very slow speed. Then I wonder what we want. Do we want to clarify that? We want the big win or continue Looking for a moment. I didn’t think it was bad, I thought it was so bad. ”

Bear Shores
Ferguson also looked at Holland Juniors, where Bear Shores were allowed to participate in both matches. Fergusen saw the difference between the duel with Romania, in which Schores scored a goal, and the duel with Germany’s promises. “I loved the first game and was wrong many times against Germany.” But he’s still young and based on his mindset, he’s going to keep growing whether he ever reaches the ultimate extreme, and it’s hard to estimate. “Juniors will play their last group match in the European Championships for players under the age of 21 on Tuesday evening. They must win from Hungary youngsters for a chance in the quarter-finals.”

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