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Head coach Danny Puig of Groningen is known to have a hard time undoing refereeing along the streak. He has to pay for his behavior with suspension, namely in De Koep vs. Feyenoord. “I’m a lot calmer than I was ten years ago.”

Furious, Buijs shot the ball wide in the final leg of the match against Willem II last week. FC Groningen should have been awarded a penalty after an alleged handball by Wesel Damers, but referee Martin van den Kerkhove saw nothing of it. Moments later, when the ball came in the coach’s direction, he hit it out of frustration at the corner flag. He shook his head, and the referee showed him the yellow card.

This was Puig’s fourth edition of the season, and so he was suspended for Saturday night’s game against Feyenoord. By the way, this is the first time: in the Eredivisie, no coach missed a match because of four yellow cards. As coaches and other supervisors can be fired by referees (2019), this has happened to Buijs nine times.


Of the four yellow cards this season, two are pretty stupid anyway.

Danny Boyes

Buijs finds the comment “disturbing”. ‘Out of the four yellow cards this season, two are pretty stupid anyway’, he admits in the run-up to De Koep’s match against Feyenoord. ,, Even if it’s hands-on with Willem 2, responding like that is just plain stupid. I got angry at the referee’s interpretation and then the ball came my way. Once you’re done with that, I think: Oh boy, why are you doing that now? “

So the coach is self-critical. “When people make mistakes, you talk about them in the hope that they won’t happen again. In the end, I’m the one who should have the conversation. You also need to be able to tell the truth to yourself. I don’t have the character to quickly look for excuses, but fortunately I can.” Being hard on myself. I will also have to develop myself in the lower points. Of course it is in my character and that is why it predicates me too, although I notice that I am much calmer than I was, say, ten years ago.”

Danny Puigs as everyone knows him: Busy pointing along the line. © Pro Shots / Paul Meima

After this season, the Placerdam will close the door in the north from behind them. His expired contract will not be extended and he has not yet established a new club. Buijs says, I have to think about where I want to work. “In the Netherlands, you are unlikely to accept exuberant feelings. That’s what I get from the reactions I received from the fourth referee. You must be without emotion,” he says. In southern Europe and South America you see more temperament than in northern Europe. In general, I try to take a look at that.”

In front of Feyenoord, the club with which he has warm feelings, Puigs has to leave training to his assistant Adri Bouldervaert. He sees it as a challenge to former teammate Arne Slot, with whom Buijs has completed coach training. ,, I try to prepare ourselves for Feyenoord’s way of playing, but Slot is the coach who comes up with new things. This also excites me. Do we prepare it well or does it surprise us? Anyway, I expect them to attack from the start.”

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