Sem Cremers unveils TechnoPromo Welcome Banner

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koijk | TechnoPromo Room, the place of discovery where science, technology and ICT come together, challenge primary school students to make a tech design for a welcome board. Sem Cremers of BS Leander won at St. Anthonis Design Competition. On Tuesday afternoon he was allowed to reveal his design.

When elementary school students were not allowed to go to the tech room due to the pandemic, TechnoPromo offered a class lesson. Students were allowed to create a design for the new welcome sign at the TechnoPromo door. The winning design was printed on wood by a Lasercutter and also cut to the correct shape. Of course the winner will take home their own plate at their door.

“My teacher gave me the assignment,” says Sim Kramers. “I looked up the tools for TechnoPromo. I drew that on the roundboard. It’s special to see how fast the laser printer can engrave the drawing on wood. I think it turned out really cool on wood.”

TechnoPromo is passionate about the designs presented.

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