Senate wants to stop Zeewolde data center access

The Senate wants Cabinet to temporarily stop selling land to large data centers, such as those in Zeewolde. First, the next government must come up with a new vision for spatial planning and data centers, the Senate believes.

All opposition parties endorsed a proposal from the Animals Party, and the coalition does not have a majority in the Senate.

common interest

The high-bandwidth data center will place a “big claim” on “our energy supplies, fertile farmland and scarce fresh water supplies,” which can be read on the go. The government can intervene because the cabinet has the power to give sub-governments “instructions” if the public interest so requires. In addition, the data center will be built in part on the basis of the real estate agency of the central government. As far as the Senate is concerned, the government should put its sale on hold until there is a new government vision for data centers.

It is not yet known exactly what this means for the data center arrival of Facebook’s parent company Meta. Outgoing Secretary of State Raymond Nobbs, who is in charge of central government real estate, says he is “considering” the proposal. It concerns about 80 hectares of land, the area of ​​which is more than a hundred football fields.

Zeewold City Council voted last week on the center’s access. But opponents are concerned about how much power the data center consumes and what happens to the residual heat. It can be harmful to the environment and the surrounding nature. (Editors / ANP)

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