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Reminiscing about your last high school year is kind of impossible, but for some dreamers they feel like they missed something. However, Stephanie Conway (Rebel Wilson) has a need for it: she (actress Angouri Rice) has been in a coma since 2000. East Town Murray Plays in the younger version of Conway) Cheerleading ends unfortunately during the stunt. When she woke up two decades later, she was ’37 years old and 17 years old ‘. Yes, all of this sounds pretty silly, but Senior year There should not be too many critical audiences. But especially for those who like movies Obscure (1995) and songs like Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi.

American sweet pop culture from the mid – 90s to the 2010s – this film is a great excuse to stage the love of the creators. And of course the film has a reference Strange Friday (2003), in which a mother and daughter transform bodies. Although Conway soon concludes that her fate is very tragic: after all, she has remained motionless for 20 years. Therefore, she needs to be updated about her behavior, behavior. What else can be said? What is not? Conway creates bland scenes like looking at a smartphone: “Hey, is this a small TV?”

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A different and unimportant aspect of the story is that Conway once emigrated from Australia to the United States. So Wilson can laugh in Australian, and that seems to be the only argument. The question arises as to how resistant these kinds of sectarian high school jokes are. It’s always about the superficiality of being popular. Teenagers, or in their thirties in this case, always want to be popular, are a must see. It will happen Senior year Without the contradiction you will constantly find, for example, in such a series PEN15: That comedy revolves around high school nostalgia, but treats the theme very intelligently.

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After all: Is Rebel Wilson really funny? Has she ever been?

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