Senki Kneigt once again criticizes national team coach Nils Kerstholt after his failed substitution: “If there is no plan, you can do nothing” | sports

short pathFor short trackers, the relay ended with a deception in the semi-finals. After several position changes and a miscommunication by the Dutch team, Itzhak de Lat, Jens van te Woot, Genki Kniggt and Friso Emmons finished third behind Canada and China. Knegt was very critical after that, and again also with national coach Nils Kersholt.

Sjinkie Knight. © ANP

Kneigt said he was completely surprised when De Laet didn’t appear on the ice to comfort him. De Laat saw Emons fall and believes she has not been tapped yet. However, that was the case. De Laat chose to go to Emons to take advantage, when that had already happened and he should have been prepared to take a push from Knegt. Kneigt analyzed the NOS: “I wanted to push Itzig, but there was no itzig.”

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Such things can happen, Kneigt said, though he thinks they shouldn’t happen at all. After it was in recent months He was very critical of the national coach Nils Kerstolt, Knegt again expressed his criticism of Kerstolt after the deception about the substitution. , I think it could be much better, but there is no plan and if there is no plan, you can’t do anything. Yes, there is a plan but no clear plan. “If a national coach comes up with a solid plan, it will come out strong for the athletes,” Kneigt said.

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To continue: , if you want to act at this level, you have to practice one sequence and not always put a different sequence on the ice. Then try this, then this… It should be a machine and now it’s not a machine. With a permanent team you can compete for trophies, but I don’t remember driving like that. This does not belong to this level. a point.”

The reaction of the national coach Nils Kersholt
National coach Nils Kerstolt agreed with the criticism of Sjinkie Knegt, who stated that there were too few mechanics in the team. “Something went wrong. We need to watch this video together. We need to watch this video together,” he said. Kersholt thinks Knegt has a point when he says such mistakes could be avoided if only one team was used: “He might have a point there, but I also have to try new things and give New opportunities for young people,” said the Dutch national team coach, who is yet to enjoy the fact that the women have qualified for the final. “You end up with the relay guys and that stays. This is always a weakness.”

The late Yitzhak

Ithzak de Lat basically put his hand in his lap: ‘Get out of this building as fast as you can?’ Yes, and if there’s a door in the way, I’ll kick it all the way,” said the short tracker, looking a little frustrated. I was disappointed. It had never happened to me like this in ten years. “I was completely blown away when I saw Cinque driving into the corner of my eye,” said de Lat, who also heard Kneigt’s criticism. “I realized I had made a big mistake.”

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In the past, the tasks were more clear and we got along better with each other, but I mainly blame myself for that

Itzak de laat

“No plan? Well, we’ve had one in the last five or six years Fixed Relay where everyone was so in tune with each other. We have never exchanged like this year. In the past, the tasks were clearer and we got along better with each other, but I mainly blame myself for this.

Slot driver Van ‘t Wout then protested due to being fouled by his Chinese rival, but that did not result in an adjustment of the score, so that the final B game would remain for the Orange. , I was a little moved, because the Chinese put his hand in front of me. That was just an arm block, or I’m crazy. But the jury saw it differently. It’s stupid for it to end like this. We were number one and I looked away for a moment and then suddenly we were number three. It was chaos. We are very strong, but it just doesn’t work.”

Short tracers beep to the end

Short trackers reached the final in the World Cup relay in South Korea. In the semi-finals, the teams of Canada and the United States were ahead of Suzanne Scholting, Alexandra Villzebuer, Selma Botsma and Yara van Kerkhove. Felzebuer, Scholting and Botsma had less than an hour before that All podium places were occupied at 500 metres. Velzeboer expanded its world title in Seoul. Scholting won the silver, having already won the world title in the 1,500m earlier on Saturday morning. The relay final will follow on Sunday.

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