Sep Breukers (Leveroy) wants to conquer the Netherlands with his book…

Sep Breukers (Leveroy) wants to conquer Holland with his books and the world with his shoes

Seb Brokers (right) and his brother Daniel
Photo: Burley

Liveroy –

Tax specialist, educator and entrepreneur Seb Brookers of Liveroy has written two books this year for (start-up) entrepreneurs. When he launched men’s shoes with his brother Daniel Burley in 2020, he discovered how much time and energy it takes to discover what you need to know as a beginner entrepreneur.

“I studied financial economics, and therefore I have a very good background in finance and legal (tax) affairs. However, I still had to research a lot of things when I started,” says Brooks. “What I wanted to know before I started with PERLIE is the amount of time you spend managing. You have to sit for that at least once a week. I have noticed that a lot of advice is given to entrepreneurs in a complex way. I think it is important that everyone can Entrepreneurs, regardless of education, background, experience or resources, are able to obtain information in an accessible manner. So my books are understandable to everyone.”

A year and a half of writing

In his first book A beginner’s guide to entrepreneurs Breukers writes about legal forms, intellectual property, contracts, business plans, and financing options. I wanted to mention everything that is important to entrepreneurs in the legal, tax and administrative field. This was a great job, in addition to my work as a teacher at Maastricht University and my own shoe brand. I worked on it for over a year and a half. I had no idea about publishing a book. Two of the publishers I sent the book to were interested. Then I chose the largest Vakmedianet.”

The United States, Russia and China

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After the first book, the second book soon followed: Employment contracts: all about rights, obligations and privacy. But at the moment, Brookers does not have time to write. “PERLIE recently became available in an Atlanta retailer. Our first city is in the US. We are also busy making connections in Russia and really want to go to China, Singapore and Malaysia. There is so much to do in that area. I find the culture fascinating. And when I was there, I noticed that There are bigger stores than I’ve seen in Paris or Barcelona, ​​which we’ve never heard of here.”

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