Separately Kroll class at 1500 meters, as well as Winntab World Cup in Telef

According to Verbig, the fact that there were two waterfalls at 500 meters was not necessarily due to the quality of the ice. “It could be just me. The ice is fast and then it breaks quickly. If you lose control, you lie very quickly. Of course you prefer not to fall, but it can happen.”

“It was a 500-meter mess,” said the winner. “The ice is dangerous, but you have to deal with it. I was completely settled by myself, but my opening wasn’t great. The lap was good. I didn’t compete for three weeks and then make mistakes quickly. I can do it in the next few weeks. Weeks to improve.”

Stroetinga surprises with victory in the group start

Arjan Strotenga won the first collegiate start of the World Cup season. In the final race, he beat Livio Wenger of Switzerland and Belgian figure skater Bart Swings. Gurit Bergsma did not participate in the race and took ninth place.

“They always say I’m too old,” said Strottenga, 39, after his fifth World Cup victory. “Sometimes you have to prove the opposite. I do my best and that’s it, but I was given a good calling card for the World Championship distances. I know what I can do and I have shown it.”

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