Series | There are 11 great movies on Netflix

Looking for great movies on Netflix? Here are eleven movies you should consider.

Top movies on Netflix: Of course, the best movies on Netflix depend on who you ask, but we’re still convinced that we’ve found eleven gems here that will appeal to quality-minded people.

We haven’t completely ignored the big new investments, but here you will also find some old and new investments and some investments that you may not have heard of. There will be more movies here on Netflix that you will really like.

Do you have any tips on a clear or hidden gem that would fit this list? Send an email to [email protected] With a brief description of the movie or series.

Tips. We update this issue regularly. Feel free to keep the link for more recommendations later.

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One ready player

This Stephen Spielberg movie is exciting, fun, and an experience for anyone who has lived in the 1980s and loved science fiction or computer games.

Delicious bones

This movie was produced by Peter Jackson as a break from everything The Lord of the Rings. Incredibly powerful drama with very good acting, and definitely a long way from Middle Earth.

Dark shades

This comedy starring Johnny Depp as a vampire didn’t quite appeal to its audience, but those who have seen Tim Burton movies know this is great entertainment. Weird and Funny Little Gem on Netflix.

Caller shot

A normal man is sent to prison after he gets into a car accident and his whole life changes. Action drama with Nikolai Coster Waldau (Game of Thrones). Powerful storyline and very good movie on Netflix.

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“Rome” was nominated for 10 Oscars and is one of the really big movies on Netflix at the moment. The black and white film was added to Mexico in the 1970s and tells the life story of director Alfonso Cuarón. The film was nominated for Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Director and not the least Best Picture.

Justity Band

There were a lot of people who overlooked that in the cinema, but that’s simple and cute entertainment with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and a host of other DC superheroes.


This war movie is about a powerful and compelling Dutch battle. Soon you discover that it is in Dutch. And yes, this is a true story.

The Invisible Guest

A successful businessman, Adrian Doria, wakes up from the inside in a locked hotel room. Also in the room he periodically killed mistress Laura.

Doria is now accused of murder. He hired star attorney Virginia Goodman in hopes of finding out what happened on that fateful night. Only hours have passed since the trial began. Will they have time to discover the truth?

A must for crime lovers!

The big boy

After being kidnapped and jailed for 15 years, Oh Dae-Su is released without explanation. Dae-Su decides to investigate and find out who and why he has been imprisoned for years. He will reveal an ocean of dark secrets.

Notice. “Oldboy” should not be confused with the US version, which is also available on Netflix.

Horoscope map

In the late 1960s, a serial killer ravaged California. At least five people died. During the investigation, he sends disturbing letters with mysteries to the police and newspapers in the United States. In David Fincher’s film “Zodiac,” we meet two people who are involved in the search for a serial killer.

Get gringo

Fun and entertaining place to match for a Saturday pizza. Mel Gibson plays an American criminal who faces a violent confrontation with the Mexican judiciary when he ends up in jail south of the US border.

Here he must learn how to survive before he can plan an escape.

“Get the Gringo” was the movie that began his career with Gibson after he was “fired” from Hollywood in the mid-2000s.

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