Seuntjens denounces “sad” Helmond Sport: “Offensive football all year round and now this” | Division of Kitchen Champion

What went wrong with de Graafschap? “I don’t even know where to start. What’s on my mind? When I say all of that on TV … it’s a drama. The ball wants to be there. Not just in. We don’t have three matches already. We don’t have,” Ralph Seungens said in front of ESPN camera. Happy. Not last year and now this again, ”said Seuntjens, who now has to prepare with De Graafschap for the tiebreaker duel with Roda JC. “Then you get those cliches that you have to get up with. But in reality, it should be.”

Seuntjens wasn’t happy with Helmond Sport: they play attacking football all season and now this … they’ll suddenly catch themselves 0-0. I wouldn’t do it if you weren’t playing for anything anymore and I never did. Very sad for the words in my experience. But we did not do it by ourselves properly. “

Coach Mike Snowy thought his team had a whole feeling of themselves: I had a good feeling, but after that rain we had a ball that fell. We got four more big chances in eight minutes. The coach, who now has to prepare his team for the play-offs, said, “We don’t have to pin down all the chances, because that would be more painful.” “We’re like a boxer: you collide and you have to get up. There has to be a new team next weekend so I’ll see now who still has the energy to bring this club to the Premier League.”

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