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French police made seven arrests in the case of the theft of the Netflix series site lupine† Police reported in French media that among the seven detainees, three are still in custody, the other four have been released but remain suspects in the case.

Last month, the set of the French series in Paris was subjected to a robbery by about twenty boys and men. The suspects’ ages ranged between 13 and 21 years old. They were charged with armed robbery, belonging to a gang, and property theft. The authorities are still looking for more perpetrators.

The perpetrators stole nearly 300,000 euros of equipment when they stormed the site during the day armed and set off fireworks. Some of the loot has since been recovered.

Although some actors and crew, including lead actor Omar Sy, were on set at the time of the robbery, no one was hurt.

lupine The series revolves around a master thief who seeks justice for his father. Two five-episode series have been released so far. A new season of the series is currently being filmed.

Lupine isn’t the only Netflix series that thieves have tried. A few days ago, it was a group the crown raided in the north of England.

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