May 25, 2024


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Seven clerics kidnapped in Haiti by an armed gang | abroad

Seven clerics kidnapped in Haiti by an armed gang |  abroad

Five priests and two nuns were kidnapped Sunday morning in the Croix de Bouquet church, northeast of the capital Port-au-Prince. At that time, the clergy were on their way to appoint a new priest for the parish.

The kidnappers will demand a ransom of $ 1 million for their release, according to a Catholic Church elder.

According to local authorities, an armed gang called “400 Mozo” is behind the kidnappings. This gang is regularly involved in kidnappings on the island.

Haiti has been unstable for a long time. Ransom kidnappings have increased in Port-au-Prince and other provinces in recent months, reflecting the growing influence of armed gangs.

In March, the Caribbean island government declared a month-long state of emergency to restore state authority in areas where gangs operate. This measure came due to the actions of armed gangs “kidnapping people in order to obtain ransom, speaking out, stealing and stealing public and private property, and publicly defying public security forces,” according to a presidential decree on the state of emergency.

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