SGP and VVD want space for fishermen

MPs Roelof Bisschop (SGP) and Thom van Campen (VVD) have expressed concerns about imminent fishing restrictions in Parliamentary Questions written to Minister Christian van der Waal for Nitrogen and Nature. They want to make sure that no restrictions are placed on hunting.

The reason for the parliamentary questions is the decision of the Central Netherlands Court that threatens to undermine the national exception, among other things, to fox hunting. “Not because the content of the exemption would not be good, on the contrary, but because the provision on which the exemption can be arranged has not been properly worded in the legal text,” the SGP wrote in the Explanation of Written Questions.

The party states that “this imbalance must be corrected quickly, so that the birds of meadows and fields can be protected from foxes and other predators during the upcoming breeding season.” In addition, there are concerns about the area for rabbit and rabbit hunting.

red list

At the moment, restrictions on this hunting or even a ban loom, depending on the status of the two species on the red list. However, recent research shows that the counting method creates a distorted picture. Hares and rabbits are more active at night than during the day, while regular counting by bird watchers is mainly done during the day.

For the SGP and VVD, a potentially erroneous counting method and court ruling are grounds for controversy in favor of an end to any fishing restrictions. Bisshop and Van Campen asked the minister, among other things, to engage in very short-term consultations with the counties about the approach in response to the court’s ruling. The deputies also want the minister to consult with the parties that carry out the counting operations.

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