SGP: Both import tax and AECs are off the table

The Political Reform Party (SGP) calls for a reduction in the use of primary raw materials. In order to boost recycling use, the party sees opportunities to mix obligations and fees on raw materials and lower the value-added tax for recycled plastics.

Member of Parliament Chris Stover (SGP).
Photo: House of Representatives

In the run-up to the March 17 parliamentary elections, AfvalOnline asked political parties to explain what they deem necessary in the coming years in terms of waste and the circular economy. Today Chris’s contribution will come from the Small Grants Program.

The Small Grants Program also symbolizes stewardship when dealing with raw materials and waste. This means that we want to focus on using less raw materials, increasing availability of equipment and building materials, increasing reuse of raw materials and recycling and reducing negative environmental impacts in the waste chain.

Raising import duties

Committing to the circular economy doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking. The Small Grants Program filed a case for abolishing the import tax on foreign waste. If more waste is buried in the UK, because they simply don’t have enough incineration capacity there, it is too shortsighted to ignore it. This fee should be raised as soon as possible. SGP also viewers CO2A tax on energy from waste plants. Waste incineration is still essential at the present time. Not everything can be recycled, even if you try hard. a company2Taxing the current and sharply increasing waste taxes is counter-productive.

Stimulating demand for recycling

It is often more expensive to use recycling than to use raw materials. This makes recycling use less attractive and slows down its use. The Small Grants Program believes that demand for recycling should be stimulated, for example, by blending, fees on raw materials, reduced value-added tax for recycled plastic and / or circular purchase by governments. This helps more than a supply-driven policy.

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Set regulations

Once the materials are classified as waste, strict rules apply. This can hinder the use of valuable waste as new raw materials. The Small Grants Program believes in the need to amend waste regulations in a way that facilitates the classification of valuable waste as raw material.

Reuse of building materials

In the construction world, there is also a lot that needs to be done to reuse building materials. SGP wants to tighten the environmental performance standard for large buildings, so that this reuse is encouraged. Governments can be an important driver of circular building in their procurement policy.

Pollution and litter

The Small Grants Program notes that the waste treatment chain is exposed to polluted waste streams, hindering reuse and recycling. It’s important to focus on recycling more than just reducing the amount of waste left over.

Litter a thorn in the SGP side. So we support expanding the deposit system to small cans and bottles.

Solar Panels

The Small Grants Program wants more interest in recycling solar panels. The growth in demand for rare metals for energy transfer outpaces growth in extraction, which is the Achilles’ heel for a good transition. Agreements on this should be made in a European context. Solar panel recycling should be incentivized by regulations and subsidy clauses.

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