Shagen wants more space on the power grid – Nordcoop Central

Shajen – Shajen Municipality is asking the ministry to provide more space for entrepreneurs to experience when looking for solutions to bottlenecks in the electricity grid.

The power grid is becoming overloaded in more and more places. “Together with the ministry, county and Liander, we as a municipality are discussing short- and long-term solutions to this major problem,” said local council member Hans Heeds.

In order to achieve its energy transition goals, the municipality is working with entrepreneurs to make industrial areas more sustainable. They face problems due to excessive power grid.

As legislation and regulations currently stand in the way of innovative solutions, the municipality has sent a letter to the House of Representatives to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

The province of North Holland, Liander and TenneT joined forces. Together, they created the Energy Infrastructure Task Force. The team is committed to researching and achieving network expansions.

The municipalities of Nordkop have asked the task force to prioritize owners of small and medium enterprises in small business parks when looking for solutions. In addition, municipalities have drawn attention to temporary network solutions until the completion of network expansions. The task force was asked to lobby with the central government for the revised terms of support.

Municipalities will enter into discussions with Liander to investigate options for local storage, electricity generation and grid expansion. Finding a stable solution is expected to take years. Schagen Municipality remains actively engaged with the cooperating parties to find a structural solution.

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