Brits after Brexit
When you think of the United Kingdom, you basically think of Brexit. The United Kingdom is now notorious for political chaos. How can the oldest parliamentary democracy turn from an example to a ghost?

Tim de vit He takes a look under cover for the country where he was a reporter for seven years at the Wankel British Kingdom lecture. How did the land of the hard upper lip fall under the infamous Lies spell? And why did the once great empire become so dependent on the money of the oligarchy?

Using insightful examples and insightful stories, Tim takes you to the new UK. It teaches you to look differently at a country that continues to impress us with its passion for music, sports, humor and culture. How will the UK affect us in the future?

Tim de Witt is the presenter of Bureau Buitenland, the podcast Europe Keeps Working and a former British correspondent.

Practical information:
Evening of June 21, 2022
Check in at 7pm
It starts at 19.30
End: 9 pm

Ticket Hall €11.00 for Poorters / Nieuwspoort members and €13.50 for a regular hall ticket.
private chef €13.50 (to follow here soon). You are welcome to our restaurant from 6:30 pm!

Live broadcast tickets You can cross this link buying.

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