‘Shang-Chi’ loses Disney+ against a surprising title

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While Netflix now occasionally celebrates its success by sharing the number of hours viewers have watched a movie or series, streaming services like HBO Max, Disney+ and Prime Video haven’t yet. So we have to talk about third-party characters.

Samba TV is one of the providers that does a great job when it comes to knowing the broadcast numbers. To do this, she uses software that she developed herself and has several televisions in the United States. These numbers show an interesting statistic regarding a new release on Disney+.

big success shang chi

Samba reported that 2 million American viewers watched Charm During the movie’s first weekend premiere on Disney+.

This is a little more than Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings She managed in the same period to benefit: 1.7 million viewers. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was at the top of the most-watched list for weeks after that.

shang chi It turned out to be a good $432 million box office. Charm Totaling $200 million.

in a Charm You follow a young Colombian girl who is the only one in her family who does not have magical powers. But she turns out to be the main character in saving her family.

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