Sharing your Netflix password is now a criminal offense in the US and UK

Share your Netflix password

Due to inflation, more and more Netflix users are sharing their passwords with each other. This is why sharing your Netflix password is now a criminal offense.

Sharing a Netflix password is less generous

Netflix It has become much less generous with allowing multiple users on their account. Not so long ago, you could take advantage of a Netflix subscription with the whole family or group of friends, but now that number has been halved for each subscription level.

Netflix subscriptions cost money, of course. It ranges from €8 for the cheapest subscription, to €12 to €16 for the most expensive subscriptions per month. For this reason, many affluent users like to share a password with others. This way you can take advantage of your Netflix account with your whole group of friends.

Pay extra for each additional out-of-home user

This is a violation of the Netflix Terms of Use and is therefore punishable by law. In the United States and the United Kingdom, among others, the government has actively warned that this is punishable by law.

US state of Tennessee Makes it very cute. Have you been caught sharing your password there? Then you can go to jail for a year and a fine of more than $1,000. For those who remember the aggressive witch hunt by governments and organizations like Stichting Brein on illegal downloaders, you will have bad taste. Will Sharing Become The Pirate Bay’s New Alternative To Torrenting?

Netflix will soon offer an option to users outside the family, for example your long-term relationship or children who live away from home, for around €4 extra per month to allow them to take advantage of the site.

Netflix should do that

This in itself is not a huge amount and therefore can be moderated. There are quite a few very expensive series and feature films on Netflix and that of course has to be paid for from somewhere. If you’re a die-hard Netflix user, and you take one of the cheaper subscriptions, you can watch Netflix for hours for a quarter to half a euro a day.

In this respect, it remains one of the cheapest leisure activities. Especially if you share Netflix with your housemates. The problem is that more and more streaming services are being added, for example Disney + And Amazon Prime, and that you must subscribe to each of these streaming services. And then those few euros per month will of course add up quite a bit.

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