Shell is a victim of large-scale data theft

The attackers were able to gain access Is called Energy company’s Axelian FDA server. According to a Shell spokesperson, large files of information shared with the companies it works with have been stolen.

“You may think of contractors working in Shell, but also of marketing agencies.” Shell is still investigating exactly what information was stolen.

It is not yet clear how much data has been leaked and how many people or companies belong to that data. According to Shell, her leak has been closed, but the company could not say whether the issues with Assellian have been resolved.


A few weeks ago, the Netherlands announced that data had been leaked from Artoli Matsappiz (NAM) as well. NAM is a combination between Shell and ExxonMobil and uses the same type of application as shell.

In addition, the personal details of 19,000 people affected by the earthquake caused by NAM’s gas extraction were lost.

According to Shell, the number of individuals or companies that have now leaked information is small. “More victims have been notified.”

Millions of robberies

The data applications used by Shell and NAM have caused major problems in other parts of the world. Thus, the data of 1.6 million people living in the US government Washington Such Axelian was stolen from the server.

This includes information on 1.3 million unemployed people who have received emails about this from the authorities. The affected organizations are a ubiquitous data organization, according to the website Twenty Age.

Also New Zealand’s central bank and supermarket chain Groger It has been plagued by similar data theft in recent months.

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