Shelterudson choir Albert Weldkamp has passed away

Andre Baker, a former leader of the Sheldoldson Choir, was a good friend of Weltcomb. “He’s been cheering me on since 1980. We went to the Canary Islands and the UK. He gave me hope.”

Lots of acquaintances

Albert Weltcomb had many connections around the world. “In the world of the sea, but also in the world of music.” The Sheldoldson Choir came to many beautiful places. Bucker: “For example, we met a singer in the United States and had an exchange with him.” The choir also went down: “We were in Australia for its 400th anniversary. Albert had acquaintances everywhere who were going to take care of it. It alleviated the worries because everything was arranged.”


The annual book on the 50th anniversary of the Sheldoldson singer will be released at the end of April. I was able to see a version just before Weltcomb died. Andre Baker: “It had to be fixed somewhat because of his death, but Dummy had his approval.”

The Sheldoldson Choir was founded in 1971. Albert Weldkamp was inspired by the singers of a pilot in Germany. He lived above the pilot community and knew many pilots. In 1996 he was appointed Weltcomb Knight of the Order-Orange-NASA.

One of the highlights of Tasmania’s invitation to open a bronze plaque at the Abel Tasman Memorial commemorates the arrival of the Sheldoldson Choir (1998). The visit came a year later, in 1999.

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